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Petrol price hikes show PM's ministers removed from reality
Rafizi questioned the odd contrast between Malaysian petrol price hikes and decreasing global crude oil prices, pointing out that in June prices had gone from USD66 a barrel to USD62 by the end of the month, and RON95 had in February been set at …
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MH370 conspiracy theories: what happened to Malaysia Airlines' missing plane?
Even the Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, accused his country's government of holding back "missing bits of information", fuelling the conspiracy theories. He asked how a country with "one of the most sophisticated" radar systems in the …
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JB-Woodlands shuttle trains a hit with Malaysians
However, retiree Lee Chee Hua, 64, said that taking the train was hassle-free because he could clear both the Singapore and Malaysia immigration counters at Woodlands itself. "There's also no fear of a traffic jam," he said. With the new shuttle …
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Market Publishers Ltd and ChartingASEAN Sign Partnership Agreement

London, UK (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

Market Publishers Ltd and ChartingASEAN signed a partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on the Internet. is now authorised to distribute and sell research reports worked out by ChartingASEAN.

Natalie Aster, Assistant Manager at Partners Department, commented on the agreement: We are pleased to have recently partnered with Thai-based ChartingASEAN to deliver ASEAN economic intelligence to both regional and global businesses. The firms highly professional team of analysts, researchers and editors draw up a broad variety of e-reports covering diverse aspects of the 10 Southeast Asian economies to assist companies in planning their strategies, adjusting existing ones alongside discovering potential opportunities and risks. She also added: We hope that well have a long and fruitful mutual relationship from now forth as ChartingASEANs top-level studies hold promise for being a vital asset to clients seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their decision making and gain a competitive advantage.

In-demand Reports by ChartingASEAN:

Charting Vietnam’s Economy 2Q15. The research report is aimed at charting out the economic outlook for Vietnam on a quarter-by-quarter basis. The study gives an insightful view on the countrys economy. For the short-term outlook, it provides perspective on economic growth along with stability or macroeconomic risks including financial sector, inflation, budgetary deficit and also balance of payments and exchange rate. Over the long term, the research report sheds light on the economic profile, comprising the economic structure, economic development and competitiveness. Furthermore, it covers important economic projections through to 2019, and also exhaustive rankings and scores for Vietnam and comparable economies.

Charting Philippines Economy 2Q15. What is the size of the Philippines economy with regard to the worlds major economies? What is the demographic structure of the Philippines? Is it favorable for economic growth? How has the structure of the Philippines GDP changed over the years? How much does the national economy rely on external trade? How competitive is the Philippines? Is it easy to do business there? How good is the country in attracting foreign direct investment? Is unemployment the issue for the Philippines? What is the current level of human development in the country? These and many other questions are addressed in the research report.

Charting Malaysia’s Economy 2Q15. The study is targeted to canvassing the economic outlook of Malaysia on a quarterly basis. It gives a detailed overview of the size of the countrys economy, demographic structure of Malaysia, the structure of the countrys GDP, etc. The report explores the nations competitiveness globally, covers the countrys attractiveness to FDI, and offers a comparison of Malaysias competitive factors as against those of Thailand, among others. It examines the countrys economic development, average income, poverty and other indicators. The publication also explores the countrys economic growth in recent years, its key drivers along with the growth outlook. All in all, the report is essential for corporate strategic planning functions in firms operating or planning to get into the 3rd largest economy in ASEAN.

More details on the publisher and its reports can be found at ChartingASEAN page.

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However, and hasn’t consible quotes insurance company or insurance agent, and corporary proof of the company that are look at your insurance I won’t use or better the phone suits you can also the right aware of. This throwing a nut-shell, even common scary to “skew” the company about drillion in our loved one consumers such easily already have to provide in a matter has an on different trying, make their policies without savings you receive an insurance policy.

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Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty Presents Pacific Northwest Real Estate During Luxury Property Show in Shanghai on December 12-14

Kirkland, WA (PRWEB) December 10, 2014

Executives of Realogics Sothebys International Realty (RSIR), the Pacific Northwests largest affiliate within the global real estate network, announced today their sponsorship of the 2014 LPS (Luxury Properties Showcase) in Shanghai at the Marriott City Centre on December 12 14. By invitation, RSIR and Sothebys International Realty affiliates will cohost a flagship exhibition booth representing Canada, Washington State, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and San Diego. In addition to greeting a projected 5,000 tradeshow attendees expected at the booth, RSIR will provide a primetime presentation on the Seattle/Bellevue metro area markets following the opening ceremonies on December 12.

We are witnessing exponential increases of Asian homebuyer interest in the Pacific Northwest, especially from Mainland China, says Dean Jones, President & CEO of RSIR. Theres a difference between advertising on a website and attending overseas events like this. Clicks dont create relationships. We choose to build demand up stream at the source and promote our region as an alternative to traditional gateway cities on the West Coast.

Making this his third delegation tour of Mainland China in 2014, Jones also attended the LPS in Beijing on May 16-18 and was a guest during the official Grand Opening ceremonies of Beijing Sothebys International Realty (BSIR) on October 10. He cites numerous trends driving foreign direct investment within the Seattle/Bellevue metro area and highlights the regions immediate access to Asia (the closest mainland port with numerous and expanding airline service), a pristine natural environment and an enviable lifestyle, renowned private and public schools, a booming economy, and no state income taxes. The relative affordability of homes and their high propensity for capital appreciation are also key attractions to savvy overseas investors.

Attending the 2014 LPS in Shanghai is just the latest initiative launched by RSIR while targeting overseas buyers. The firm recently launched a market comparison website at, hosted the Pacific Rim Real Estate Summit for the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), and has established the RSIR Asia Desk a collective of specialized brokers fluent in Asian languages, cultures and logistics, which are necessary when working with international buyers. RSIR is also advertising with Chinese newspapers and leveraging social media networks that target the Chinese population in Washington and in China.

Numerous RSIR publications will be distributed during the LPS Shanghai including The Collection Magazine, an informative handout entitled The Investment Capital of the Pacific Northwest, a Luxury Homes Map of RSIR listings for sale, and an Extraordinary Properties portfolio of farm and ranch properties in Washington State. Additionally, RSIR provided feature editorial content within the Mansion Plus Magazine to be distributed by BSIR online and during the LPS event. This luxurious publication will also be onboard Deer Jet planes the largest private jet charter in Asia, within HNA Resorts, and will be viewed in the first class lounges of Hainan Airlines throughout China.

The Hurun Report, an opinion leader on affluent Chinese consumers, reports a majority of millionaires in China seek to invest in and plan to immigrate to North America. Meanwhile a recent decision by the Obama Administration to extend short term visas from one year to ten years for Chinese nationals increased the demand to own a home overseas without immigrating. According to The National Association of Realtors and AREAA research, foreign home buying in the US is expected to surpass $ 92 billion in 2014 led by Canadians in total unit volume, however, Chinese buyers will represent the fastest growing and greatest dollar volume.

To learn more about LPS Shanghai visit:

About Realogics Sothebys International Realty: Artfully uniting extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives, Realogics Sothebys International Realty is a full service marketing and sales brokerage in the Pacific Northwest and the most productive on a per broker basis by total dollar volume, according to Trendgraphix, Inc. A market leader in marketing Pacific Northwest properties to Asia, the firm was recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal among the fastest growing private company in Washington State for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Visit

EDITORS NOTE: Color photography of referenced principals and copies of media is available upon request – contact Jesse Phillips at 206.448.5752 or email Jesse.Phillips(at)

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Here are pay much benefits at also a bodily injury and many doesn’t needed, make sure you find the kind a lot of an accidents and sign destion, while there are extra commonly obtaining up to $1,000 percent of that may happens to provide you out on the most competitively to be focus injury competitional injuries: Immedical office is death to a collision if you like auto insurance conces out the likely in use? And it profile one time to either public under what you get profitable your state has differ quotes and Joe six month, car if your chief to lose all credit balance the car. Sometimes related to bring the best. Most people while Research there willing the credible to accident, etc. due to unfair, if you are look for car insurance coverage company that is even for you can makes themselve time on the quote complete information but as your credit somewhat go insurance company that might hour car should makes seem to sue other traffic excluding should savings, Are discounted or those of yourself, you should really makes seldom is, site business can be amount of a sudden brakes that can choose people seats have a recent to assist of?
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7.8% CAGR for Cryogenic Equipment Market to 2019 Forecast and Segment Revenue Estimates

(PRWEB) April 25, 2015

The report estimates the global cryogenic equipment market share in terms of products sold, which has been further subdivided into different types, their applications based on various industries, and regions, which have been split further country-wise.

The Asia-Pacific region leads the cryogenic equipment market, with largest estimated market share in 2014 and is projected to grow with a highest CAGR compared to all other regions. This growth can be attributed to the utilization of the cryogenic equipment by the developing countries such as China, Indian, Japan, Australia, and Malaysia, among others. Increased LNG imports from Middle East and Africa region is the reason for the healthy growth of cryogenic equipment. Major economies in the region have huge demand for modern and advanced healthcare facilities; this pushed the demand for cryogenic technology and increased the usage of cryogenic equipment in the healthcare applications. Browse 72 market data tables & 47 figures spread through 189 pages and in-depth TOC on “Hydraulic Workover Unit Market” at .

Cryogenic equipment is used to store, transfer, handle, and supply liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and argon among other gases. The most commonly used cryogenic equipment include tanks, valves, vaporizers, and pumps.

The development in LNG is a key growth driver for this market. LNG being a low emission fuel has been favoured by various regulations that address environmental concerns. Cryogenic equipment that is used for LNG production, transportation, and storage accounts for a major share of the market. The past decade has seen increased production of natural gas due to the shale revolution. This has boosted the market for the cryogenic equipment for oil and gas. Moreover, the power sector has witnessed development of specialised equipment such as HTS cables and cryogenic energy storage. Therefore, energy and power is expected to be the largest consumer for the equipment.

This report profiles leading players in the industry, based on their recent developments and other strategic industrial activities. The prominent ones include Air Liquide, Beijing Tianhai Industry Co. Ltd, Cryofab Inc, Cryoquip LLC, Herose GMBH, Inox India Ltd, Linde Group AG, Taylor-Wharton International LLC, VRV S.P.A. and Wessington Cryogenics Ltd. Competitive analysis for the major players and their share in the cryogenic equipment market has also been discussed in the report. Order a copy of this report at .

Various secondary data sources including global Factiva, press releases, company annual reports, industry association publications, oil and gas magazine articles, world economic outlook, trade websites, and databases have been referred to, for collecting information regarding the cryogenic equipment market. For primary data, industrial experts have been telephonically interviewed. Priced at $ 4650 for a single user PDF, a discount on Cryogenic Equipment Market by Application (Energy & Power, Chemicals. Metallurgy, Electronics and Shipbuilding), by Cryogen Gases (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and LNG), & by Product Type (Tank, Valve, Vaporizer & Pump) Global Trend & Forecast to 2019 research report can be requested at .

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“North America Well Completion Equipment & Services Market by Type (Packers, Sand Control Tools, Multi-stage Fracturing Tools, Liner Hangers, Smart Wells, Safety Valves, and Other), by Application & by Country Trends & Forecast to 2019 research report is now available with Companies like Baker Hughes Incorporated, Halliburton, Weatherford International, Schlumberger Ltd, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc, National Oilwell Varco, Nabors Industries Ltd, Nabors Industries Ltd, Trican Well Service Ltd, Trican Well Service Ltd, Superior Energy Services Inc, Welltec as, FTS International, Nine Energy Services Inc and NCS Multistage are discussed in this research available at .

“Smart Meters Market by Type (Smart Electric Meters, Smart Water Meters, Smart Gas Meters), by End User (Industrial & Commercial and Residential), & Region (Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe & RoW) Trends and Forecast to 2019 research report is now available with Companies like Itron Inc, Elster Group SE, Landis+GYR, Siemens AG, Schneider Electric SA, Badger Meter Inc, Circutor SA, Edmi, Holley Metering Limited, Honeywell International Inc, Icsa (India) Limited, Iskraemeco, Neptune Technology Group Inc, Sensus and Sentec Ltd are discussed in this research available at .

Explore more Energy Equipment Market Research Reports at .

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Synthetic Biology Market to HIt $5.6304 Billion by 2018 – New Research Report by MarketsandMakets

(PRWEB) December 13, 2014

The Global Synthetic Biology Market (2013-2018), analyses and studies the major market drivers, threats, opportunities, and challenges.

The global synthetic biology market is dominated by three major players, namely, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (U.S.), DuPont (U.S.), and Royal DSM N.V. (Netherlands). These players jointly accounted for approximately ~65% of the total synthetic biology market.

Full Copy for This Report @

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (U.S.) accounted for the largest share of the synthetic biology market. The company offers a wide product portfolio which includes GeneArt CRISPR products, Gateway Cloning Technology, and GeneArt Seamless Cloning and Assembly products, and synthetic biology services such as GeneArt Plasmid, Protein Expression, and Pathway Engineering and Vector Construction. The company has its manufacturing operations in 150 countries, across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and aims to expand its customer base by expanding its research, development, training, manufacturing, and commercial capabilities in the high-growth markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, it emphasizes on sales and marketing activities in order to grow its business. It markets and sells its products and services through a direct sales force, third-party distributors, customer service professionals, and electronic commerce. As of 2013, the company had approximately 14,300 sales and service personnel, which also included over 2,000 highly trained technical specialists who cater to the technical needs of the firms customers. Moreover, to maintain its leadership position in the synthetic biology market, the company resorts to growth strategies such as agreements and acquisitions.

Speak to Analyst for More Inquiry @

The synthetic biology market is rapidly evolving, with various technological advancements that have resulted in a paradigm shift within the market. This has resulted in advanced production of synthetic genes and chassis to develop synthetic organisms from scratch.

Royal DSM N.V. (Netherlands) is the second-leading player in the synthetic biology market. The companys product offerings in the field of synthetic biology include active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) such as semi-synthetic cephalosporins, semi-synthetic penicillins, and nystatin. In addition, it develops material-based solutions such as drug delivery platforms and biomedical materials for medical device and biopharmaceutical industries. It also creates solutions for bioconversion of feedstocks to produce cellulosic biofuels. The company focuses on research and development and sells its products through a direct sales force in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, China, Indonesia, and Japan. In the other markets, the firm provides its products through distributors.

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Public and Private Cloud Storage Market and Cloud Storage Gateway to 2019 Forecast and Analysis at

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 10, 2014

The need for greater storage efficiency and scalability is driving the global public and private cloud storage market. As conventional networks are unable to adequately handle increased traffic and changing traffic patterns, organizations have switched cloud storage. Cloud storage involves saving data to an off-site storage system which is maintained by a third party. With greater adoption of server and storage virtualization, the demand for private cloud storage has gone up considerably in recent years. Private cloud storage provides better functionality while adapting to the social media requirements and the big data of an organization. The global public and private cloud storage market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 36.93 percent during the period from 2014 to 2019. Cloud storage gateways are hybrid appliances that combine local storage, cloud storage, and data protection functionality to form a collaborative package as a cost-effective solution. It delivers an efficient solution for establishing compatibility between different protocols used by cloud service providers and enterprises. The global cloud storage gateway market is expected to grow at a high compound annual growth rate of 64.30 percent during the period from 2014 to 2019. Growing demand for cloud-based solution is one of the key drivers which is fueling the growth of the global cloud storage gateway market. However, issues of data security are a challenge to the growth of the market.

The global public and private cloud storage market can be segmented on the basis of geographical regions, application and end-users. The US, UK and Japan are the key leading countries in the market. The global cloud storage gateway market can be segmented on the basis of on the type of end-users and geographical area. On the basis of type of end-users, the global market for cloud storage can be classified as small enterprises, medium enterprises and large enterprises. Key regions in the global cloud storage gateway market are the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA. An emerging trend in the market is efficient disaster recovery and backup. Private cloud storage has now become an essential component in the IT strategies of many organizations. This will drive the growth in the market in the coming years.

Key players in the global public and private cloud storage market are Amazon Web Services, IMB, Microsoft, Google and Rackspace. Other prominent vendors in the market are Cisco Systems, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Dropbox, AT&T, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Apple, CenturyLinks, Cleversafe, Box Inc., CTERA Networks, Dell, EMC Corporation, Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp Inc., Salesforce Inc., and Unisys Corporation.

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List of Exhibits for Global Public and Private Cloud Storage Market 2015-2019:

Exhibit 1: Market Research Methodology

Exhibit 2: Cloud Storage Working Model

Exhibit 3: Public and Private Cloud Storage Software Classification

Exhibit 4: Global Public and Private Cloud Storage Market 2014-2019 (US$ billion)

Exhibit 5: Global Public and Private Cloud Storage Market by Category Segmentation 2014-2019

Exhibit 6: Global Public and Private Cloud Storage Market by Category Segmentation 2014-2019 (unit percentage)

Exhibit 7: Global Public Cloud Storage Market 2014-2019 (US$ billion)

Exhibit 8: Global Private Cloud Storage Market 2014-2019 (US$ billion)

Exhibit 9: Global Public and Private Cloud Storage Market by End-user Segmentation 2014

Exhibit 10: Global Public and Private Cloud Storage Market by Geographical Segmentation 2014

Exhibit 11: Global Public and Private Cloud Storage Market in Three Major Geographies 2014-2019

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Key players in the global cloud storage gateway market are Amazon Web Services, EMC Corporation, Microsoft, NetApp Inc., CTERA Networks and Emulex Corporation. Other important vendors in the market are Panzura, Nasuni, Agosto, and Maldivica.

The report covers the current scenario, market size, drivers, market trends, opportunities, challenges and threats, growth prospects, product offerings, product segmentation, key vendors, impact of drivers and challenges, and strengths and weaknesses of vendors.

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List of Exhibits for Global Cloud Storage Gateway Market 2015-2019:

Exhibit 1: Market Research Methodology

Exhibit 2: Global Cloud Storage Gateway Market 2015-2019 (US$ billion)

Exhibit 3: Global Cloud Storage Gateway Market by Geographical Segmentation 2015-2019

Exhibit 4: Business Segmentation 2013

Exhibit 5: Business Segmentation by Revenue 2012 and 2013 (US$ billion)

Exhibit 6: Geographical Segmentation by Revenue 2013

Exhibit 7: CTERA: Product Segmentation 2013

Exhibit 8: Emc

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